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Creative agency for great advertising that really sells!



is a marketing agency that always serves fresh ideas together with great choice of biscuits and is intended for customers:
  • That want to increase their profit without exhausting everyday battles;
  • Who believe that creativity is the greatest saver of funds;
  • That want to read and interpret financial statements without the use of anti-wrinkle creams;
  • Who are ready to discard their ties and high heel shoes;
  • Who don’t forget to bring a smile on business meetings, but sometimes do forget their business cards.


Therefore, if you want to be overwhelmed by unique and creative designs as well as solutions for breath-taking commercials (that btw. really sell) please contact us today. Because we are prepared to invest a large amount of our time, effort and brainwork into developing ideas and concepts that will turn your product into a big, strong and recognizable brand, resulting with business success and financial security you’ve always dreamed of. Together we will pull classic marketing tricks such as TV and radio commercials, ads, posters, web pages and banners, a bit less classic but much more interactive guerilla moves and even take your product into viral spheres if necessary.
And you haven’t even heard the best thing yet! Yes, we are always willing to increase the number of our happy and satisfied customers and we are absolutely free of prejudice in that area. No matter how big or small, rich or poor, broad or narrow, fat or slim you are, dear future client, have no worries – we like to think of us as of a small agency for clients of all sizes.

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