Fini zalogaj

Project Description


Fini zalogaj is a brand new fast food spot in the center of the city of Zagreb. Their twist on the regional shish dish (šiš) is definitely something new and delicious to try, but for us, even more exciting was the project of branding Fini zalogaj fast food and creating their visual identity from scratch.


So, from product names to interior design, from logo to the last piece of copy on the menu, from packaging solution to the choice of the light bulbs in the local – all this came as a result of the branding project with a goal to present traditional regional shish (šiš) dish to a relatively new audience of Zagreb.


The goal was to brand Fini zalogaj as an urban, simple and smart place to satisfy people’s daily or late night cravings for a meat sandwich, and to bring shish dish into the urban fast food culture.

Project Details

Client: Fini zalogaj

Tags: Branding, Design

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