Project Description


A campaign with only one goal: to prove that the most traditional media – billboard alone – can create high digital activity.


Evidently, how to make the classical billboard highly digitaly interactive, and also serve for raising awareness for something positive in the world around us.

And then, there was this funny thing: the upcoming parliamentary elections, with two main political options in a dead heat.

And a survey report showing young voters’ total lack of trust that their vote can make ANY difference.


So we created billboards calling for people to change the colour of the billboard by voting on the website for either red, neutral white or blue option, to show disapointed voters that their vote can make a very visible difference – they can litteraly change colors of the streets of their city.

The voting went on for whole nine days prior to the parliamentary elections, each day inspiring more and more voters to take their shot and try to make a difference.

Project Details

Tags: Campaign, Web

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