Fini zalogaj

TASK: Fini zalogaj is a brand new fast food spot in the center of the city of Zagreb. Their twist on the regional shish dish (šiš) is definitely something new and delicious to try, but for us, even more exciting was the project of branding Fini zalogaj fast food and creating their visual identity from…

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Motovun Film Festival 2013

TASK: We got the task to rebrand Motovun Film Festival as to be attractive to the younger audiences again. SOLUTION: Rebranding campaign – Free Zone Motovun IDEA: We asked ourselves what do young people in Croatia want today. And found out that they want to – leave Croatia. So we decided to transform Motovun FF…

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CineStar birthdays

TASK: We got the task to do complete rebranding of the kid’s birthday party service in CineStar cinemas. SOLUTION: 3D video starring CineStarMan – a new superhero dedicated to making kid’s birthdays great. IDEA: According to the research, the easiest way to connect with the primary school-age children is through anthropomorphic characters, superheroes or other…

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