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Project Description

How did we come to the idea for GRAWE campaign “Questions”?

Well, simply, we wanted to create an image campaign that will, following the GRAWE brand spirit, inspire people to “live more”, to get started, to start the change in their lives and start living for real.
But that is a very slippery slope in the times of ongoing recession, especially because recession causes some kind of social paralysis. People loose their bravery, even if they have not been personally affected by this crisis, because the feeling of insecurity calls not for action, but for waiting for better times. That reality was the starting point of this campaign.

So, how could one campaign inspire people to act even in crisis?

First, we wanted to tell the story about life still happening no matter the crisis, and how valuable it is. We wanted to give every viewer a feeling of worth, no matter how young or old or at which turning point in his life he or she may be.
Definitely, these aren’t times for idealized version of reality. We tried to stay on the ground and stay honest in this, so we used collage of old footages, cartoons, documentary and amateur footages, something that evokes childhood memories of many people.

Why questions?

Good questions could inspire the right action. Maybe not this instant, but neither do more popular “calls to action” in advertising. What questions can do, is to incite people to think, to reflex, especially if there are no universal or right answers to those questions.

On the other hand, questions can also be a critique of passivity. In any case, they are here to give each viewer a feeling of responsibility for their own life, and lives of people around them.

Where is GRAWE insurance in all of that?

GRAWE insurance is one of the right answers to these questions. One of the ways of breaking off passivity. A form of responsibility for one’s life. A way of taking care of one’s family. A part of life, in any case. And in this case, GRAWE is the reason we are encouraged to make positive, brave choices in our lives. Because at that point, it really matters to have insurance that has your back, or as GRAWE says it – insurance on your side.

Project Details

Client: GRAWE Hrvatska

Tags: Kampanja, TVC

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