IKEA Sneak Peek

Project Description


To come up with a creative solution for the invitation for journalist to a Press Preview event, that took place couple of days before grand opening of the very first IKEA store in Croatia.
Press Preview event was going to give journalists an opportunity to have a sneak peek into the store before everybody else does.


How to make the invitation be a part of the event and not just an invitation note to it?


What if the invitation alone could be a sneak peek opportunity itself?


The Sneak Peek Box
Each journalist received a mini IKEA store at their workplace.
Headline “Take a peek before the opening.” was announcing the theme and benefit of the event.
A spyhole on the front gave each recipient a surprisingly direct look inside the IKEA store, feeding the curiosity and anticipation that grew stronger as the opening got closer.

Project Details

Client: IKEA Hrvatska

Tags: Direct mailing

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