BIPA Backstage

BIPA Backstage is a unique make-up studio in the city center, offering a completely new beauty experience.    In order to simplify your everyday life and make the ultimate service available to everyone, we designed web for this experience store that combines love for make-up and good entertainment and unites all that to a modern woman’s needs.…

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BC magazine

BC magazine A magazine created for BIPA drug store. The concept is to provide readable and interesting content such as make-up and fashion trends, beauty tips & tricks, tutorials. The goal is also to introduce readers with the range of products that BIPA offers as well as to present new and best-selling products.

Comping web design

Comping offers tailor-made technological business solutions and related customized services. Branding and visual identity were created based on Comping’s belief that technology is not a challenge that you have to adapt to, rather a solution which you can adapt to yourself. To master and skillfully use the innovation of our times is a precondition for creating…

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IoT Net Adria

SigFox is the leading global communications platform which will enable Internet of Things (IoT) to become our reality. IoT Net Adria has decided to bring the IoT revolution into Croatia by becoming Croatia’s licensed Sigfox operator. As a company introducing a new technology, IoT Net Adria needed a website which communicated the benefits of Sigfox…

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Balcannes — festival of the best advertising agencies of the SEE region, Europe. Every year, Rovinj, Croatia. A logo inspired by a table cloth, a piece of fabric that for some reason in the Balkans is considered as the inevitable decoration of all kinds of televisions, creels and tables. It represents the classic Balkan home…

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TP Prime – financial services

Abacus and Σ are recognizable elements and symbols commonly used in the world of accounting and finance. And now they are combined into one visual identity. Σ as a compilation symbol, logo frames that go with the structure and pull direct association with excell tables, circles on lines that symbolically and playfully associate with abacus…

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There is a saying that a good artist is nothing without their tools, and it seems that our makeup routines aren’t so different from European galleries of fine art. Maybe that’s why there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to our beauty toolboxes. Sometimes, when we want to stand out, we just need…

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Ballantine’s goes BLTN

TASK: Repositioning Ballantine’s and push it to the younger / forthcoming generation was a big challenge. We needed to understand where the brand is currently in the eyes of the consumer, understand the generation that we wanted to like us and design / customize the brand box to a new target group. SOLUTION: Ballantine’s is,…

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