IKEA Sneak Peek

TASK: To come up with a creative solution for the invitation for journalist to a Press Preview event, that took place couple of days before grand opening of the very first IKEA store in Croatia. Press Preview event was going to give journalists an opportunity to have a sneak peek into the store before everybody…

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IKEA News report

TASK: Creative solution for invitation to the media to cover the start of construction of the first IKEA furniture store in Croatia. SOLUTION: Creative packaging for press release – News report IDEA: Recognizable IKEA package with all that one reporter needs to write a re- port – USB stick with media kit, white paper, hex…

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IKEA Složimir

TASK: We got the task to create direct mailing letter that will present IKEA not only as a good neighbour, but also as a company that will inspire and provide smart home and living solutions. SOLUTION: Direct mailing/letter to community/T-shirt folder named Složimir. IDEA: We decided to give an extra purpose to the letter, make it useful,…

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