I to nije sve!

Smart advertising and creative strategies. And then some cookies.

What’s in it for you?

What we do

Most of the time in agency. And sometimes at home, too.


Small or big, always smartly creative.
Whether their goal is increasing sales,
or building better image of the brand.
Even if it’s just about one video that needs
to go viral or guerrilla action in the city.


And rebranding, of course.
Because we love brands,
and we love taking care of them,
giving them unique personality and voice
that customers will love, too.

Social media strategies

And communication
Because brands should stay brands
even on the internet.
Especially on the internet.

Our work

is here. Most of it, at least.

Interested in numbers?

Cookies eaten
Clients Worked With
E-mails answered
Projects finished

Creativity is not a lovechild of somebody’s talent and a moment of inspiration. Creativity is intelligent problem solving.

— Someone from I TO NIJE SVE! —

The journal

where we went, what we did, what we got.

Things clients say

  • “Give them freedom for creation and you’ll have their minds go beyond limits, and their ideas surpass the competition. I TO NIJE SVE! – they are young, innovative and endlessly creative.”

    — Sanja Gržetić, GRAWE Hrvatska Marketing manager —
  • “They care about us! Isn’t this the most important thing?”

    — Darko Babić, KWS Country manager —
  • “When someone welcomes you with a complete brief, a smile on their face, a good coffee and two great dogs walking around the office … I’m unarmed, totally! Creatives (C with capital letter) don’t need to be specially recommended.”

    — Bojan Kanižaj, I TO NIJE SVE! associate —
  • “Deadline proof creative agency”

    — Alen Kulenović, BIPA Marketing manager —

Need some Aducation?

Here you are. (And no, it’s not a typo.)

We are hiring

from time to time, of course.

Whether there is an open position at the moment or not,

don’t be afraid to send us your cv and portfolio to



+ 385 1 2301729

Krste Pavletića 1, 1. kat, Zagreb, Croatia

So… here we are.



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