Join our team.

If the collective is good as much as its members understand, support, and acknowledge each other, we can be very happy. In I TO NIJE SVE! we take care of each other and our job. What we want is that many smart, proactive, and cooperative individuals that share such values, find their place in our agency.

What to expect?

Although we keep changing, some things stay the same.

And we’re not afraid to promise those things. What can our future colleagues and collaborators expect, when they join our agency?


We love sharing knowledge and we continuously invest in our skills and abilities, to create an even better collective.

Stimulating environment

We are proud of our great mentors and extraordinary colleagues. We guide, direct, and support each other.

Constructive feedback

No matter if it’s positive or negative, every feedback is useful when it’s constructive. We value, give and seek such feedback.

Various clients

Working with respectable and well-known clients, and on innovative and challenging new projects.

Great coffee

We got a coffee machine as a gift, so by chance, we all became excellent baristas as well.

High-quality delivery

We always try to do smart things and we want to be proud of every solution. We never lower our standards.



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Client Service

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General application

You can contact us, regardless of job position.

We’re always searching for talented, professional, and driven people that can help us with other kinds of collaboration. If you share our values, but don’t find yourself in before nominated categories, apply here.