I TO NIJE SVE! starts ADucation blog and ZIMO has something to say about it

2 min read

ZIMO is technology/lifestyle news portal in Croatia. They also like to cover themes about some good advertising now and then. For example, when a young and very creative creative agency starts seriously blogging about what they do, and that is advertising.

In this case, our blog ADukacija, which means ADucation, and no, it’s not a typo.

Maybe the most important thing this article says is explaining why we started ADukacija. We said something like this (but in Croatian):

“Yes, there are processes that take place between the moment in which the agency gets the brief and the second moment in which they come back to the advertiser with a finished presentation of idea. All that work in between is kind of invisible to the most, it is never mentioned, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It does happen, and that’s what we want to show. And how important it is. And that in our agency, it looks like this – that is what we want to show in each new blog post on ADucation. Some kind of our know-how.”

It sounded better in original, but you get the point, don’t you…

See the article here.