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  • Branding — Strategy — Communication — Campaigns — Production — Digital — PR — Web — Branding — Strategy — Communication — Campaigns — Production — Digital — PR — Web — Branding — Strategy — Communication — Campaigns — Production — Digital — PR — Web —

Brand Box

Brand Box is a package of clearly defined guidelines that can mostly help rising brands, those in need of repositioning, and those whose goals are consistency and distinction.


Smart starter pack for when you choose to build an authentic and consistent brand.

Brand box keeps clearly defined standards that are a precondition for further growth, more effective communication with a target, and competitive advantage on the market. It consists of a brand promise, brand values, visual identity, and tone of voice.


Within 40 days comes a valuable tool you can use for years.

3 days


All credits for the quality start of the project go to you. So invent your brand, share your goals, problems, and expectations with us, introduce us to your do’s, and warn us about your don’ts. Are you ready? Because we are.

2 days


After you kindly spare your time for brief writing, we will likewise kindly spare two days for studying it and for internal consultations. We may get back to you with a few extra questions.

5 days

Kick off

Once we have all the information we need, we organize an initial meeting with the creative team which includes joint brief analysis, task distribution, priority setup, and brainstorming.

10 days


We have researched the competition, analyzed our target, found unique selling points, and gathered good practice examples. We have our plan ready.

1 day

Creative work

10 working days later, we are completing our solution. Copywriters have set up brand values, brand promise, and Tone of voice. The designer team led by the art director has defined a visual identity - logo, fonts, color palette, display of photos, and graphic elements.

4 days


It is time to show you what we’ve been working on. We have prepared the presentation to demonstrate our creative solution.


After your feedback, we pack up all the parts into a Brand Box - a meaningful, well-designed pdf that you can easily share with others. Voila! Your Brand Box is ready to use.


What are you actually buying when you’re ordering a Brand Box?

  • Time of a dedicated team made of minimum 4 creative professionals. More precisely, a needed number of hours of 1 creative director, 1 senior copywriter, 1 designer, and 1 art director.
  • Time of a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the project. And will be available for all the questions, additional notes, and informing about the project status.
  • Involvement in the process. If you want, you can track the hours spent and our project status through the online tools we use.
  • Nicely designed PDF document with defined brand standards. That is actually our Brand Box that you can easily use and share as needed.
  • 1x set of corrections included. That you’re free not to use.

Collaboration with us implies more things that you might like. They are small but important.

Tasteful coffee

Yes. We seriously adore our very serious coffee machine which we got as a gift. And you will love it as well when you drop by for a cup of coffee in our office.


We understand that it’s not easy to hand over a brief to the agency, then wait for weeks for an outcome that you’re responsible for. This is why you can always track a project status through an online tool we’re using.

Fluffy friends

We have witnessed some great love stories between office pets and our clients, collaborators, and partners. But if you’re not a dog person, they will kindly wait on the leash. And love you from a safe distance.

Agile way of work

We embraced agile methodology, which enables us to promptly respond to changes, prioritize our tasks and quickly recover from mistakes. This means, both for us and you, that we will be better organized, agile, and more economical.

Welcoming challenges

Where we see a problem, we will find the solution. Even if it means getting out of the comfort zone. When we have a stimulating goal in front of us, we are committed to achieving it.


We’re always trying to think out of the box but within the given timeframe, budget, and clients’ goals. Because of that, we are continuously developing our processes - they are well-kept secrets for achieving high standards of creativity and productivity.

Book a meeting

There is something sweet in expecting delivery.

Especially when you get something business worthy on your e-mail, like a Brand Box. Now it’s time to book a meeting and order yours. We promise that you will have fun along the way.

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When you order a brand box, you get the out-of-the-box solution.