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A boat in Klaićeva

Or how we tried to reduce stress to the youngest before surgery


Clinic for Children’s Diseases Zagreb







After several scientific studies, published in professional medical media, we discovered that a great stressor in children in hospital treatment is precisely the “journey into the unknown.” Children before surgery or diagnostic examinations feel great fear and are exposed to great stress. This feeling is intensified while driving through hospital corridors full of strangers and murmurs. The culmination is entering the room for one of the diagnostic examinations or the operating room where the little ones are greeted by large monitors, devices and strange, unfamiliar sounds.

We wondered if there was anything we could do to make that journey from room to room at least a little more enjoyable for the children.


Imagination can do anything, so we decided to use it to make this trip less stressful for the little ones. And no less, no more, than with the help of a ship. A boat means the sea, and the sea means rest and carefreeness – a feeling we want to achieve with our small brave travelers.

Our boat has a movable propeller on the bow and a rudder on the outside of the stern. It is made of wood and coated with PVC which makes it resistant and durable to hospital conditions. The dimensions correspond to a classic hospital bed, so it does not present new logistical challenges. All necessary appliances and instruments can be mounted on it. The sides can be lowered to make it easier for children to lie down in it. There are also round windows like real ship windows. All this makes this bed-boat an attractive and functional solution.

We hope that the boat will make future examinations and operations less uncomfortable and stressful for the little ones, as well as the staff of the Clinic.

We want the boat to sail for whoever needs it.


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