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Ballantine’s goes BLTN

Or how to bring a drink with a long tradition closer to future generations.




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Ballantine’s is, with no doubt, a great drink. Who claims that s/he never got relaxed with a glass of Ballentine’s, maaay not be telling the truth. Except if the person speaking is younger than 25. If so, there is a good chance s/he has never tried this legendary drink.

That’s just how things go. There is a new generation that doesn’t want to consume drinks of the previous generations. They don’t want to copy-paste but show that they are grown and independent enough. Different. Cool, in their way. They can’t be that by drinking beverages that their old folks give to their favorite uncle. So how to take a drink with a long tradition and bring it closer to Generation Z?


Repositioning Ballantine’s and getting it closer to younger, upcoming generations was a great challenge. We had to research and understand the current perception of the brand at its buyers, as well as our new target.

After a detailed analysis, we found touchpoints between new generations and Ballantine’s, as well as the way to communicate them. In the end, we packed all this together in one lovely brand box and authentic content for social media.

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