About the project

How we eat in Croatia

Or what we found out in our research about food and enjoyment.


Kaufland Hrvatska


360 campaign





Our task was to come up with an image campaign that would position Kaufland as an expert on Croatian eating habits and a retailer that understands the community in which it operates, to then adjust the offer of fresh and quality products to its needs and wishes.


What are Croatian nutritive habits like? By that, we don’t mean how often do we eat meat, fish, or vegetables because every serious retailer has that information. We wanted to know something else, more important: do we spit out melon pits or we eat them, do we get the chicken leg on family lunch, how do we peel the banana… For purposes of this campaign, a real research of Croatian food habits was made, about what they like to eat and how they eat it. This way Kaufland got all the information to better adjust its offer for the buyers, and we used the collected data in our creative materials and made a big campaign out of it.

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