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Modepack brandBOX

A package for a responsible, hi-tech company that does packaging




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Modepack, a responsible, high-tech packaging company, wanted us to create a brandBOX that would standardize and protect their ideas, objectives, and aspirations.

brandBOX is a package of guidelines for emerging brands and those in need of repositioning. It consists of a brand promise, brand values, visual identity, and tone of voice. Its purpose is to maintain the set standards, and their adherence is a prerequisite for further growth, effective communication with customers, and competitiveness on the market.


Modepack is a company with a big factory and even bigger aspirations. To bring everything together and present them in the right light, we made sure that the defined guidelines reflect the character of the company and the fact that in every decision-making process they take into account the impact it will have on the customer, community, and also the planet. Modepack is a responsible company, so we have responsibly accepted the task of bringing this aspiration to life through the creation of brandBOX.

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