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Or how can one press invitation tell a lot about the brand itself.


IKEA Croatia


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IKEA has arrived in Croatia. To leave a good impression about it we got a task to come up with a creative solution for a press invitation, to cover a construction start of the first IKEA department store in Croatia. Even though most of us were familiar with a brand, we had to design something that would invite the journalists and present a brand at the same time.


We used a well-known IKEA packaging, a so-called flat pack, to make a News report – a packing containing everything needed for a media press. The package contains all that a journalist needs for writing a report – a USB stick with a media kit, a blank paper sheet, a hexagonal pencil that evokes a one-man assembling of IKEA furniture and usage instructions. So our invitation not only contained all the necessary information but became material for communicating the brand concept and strengthening brand awareness.

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