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Or how the advertising festival of the SEE region in Europe got its new visual identity.




Branding, design



BalCannes is a festival for advertising agencies organized by the Weekend Media Festival, where the best projects from the countries of the region are awarded every year. We were given the opportunity to design and create their new visual identity.


A logo inspired by a tablecloth, a piece of fabric that for some reason in the Balkans is considered as the inevitable decoration of all kinds of televisions, creels and tables. It represents the classic Balkan home in combination with the typography that associates with the Balkans with its shape, fullness and clarity.

It also shows the game of two different letters — Cyrillic and Latin. They are essentially the symbol of the Balkans — so different and yet somehow similar and clear to everyone. The letter N is displayed in the mirror to further emphasize all the similarities between the differences. Turned N clearly associates into Cyrillic in a bold version of the selected typography.

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