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Web page of the BIPO KLUB

Or how does the website, loved both by children and parents, look like.


BIPA Croatia


Design, copywriting, content, digital



Moglo Neuralab


BIPO KLUB is a loyalty program for expectant mothers and parents with children 0-3 years old. Up until now, BIPO KLUB enabled great discounts for baby assortment in BIPA and a new website was launched to offer equally valuable, welcome advice and useful information on parenting. Our task was to help build a new website that would become a great source of information for mums and dads from all over Croatia.


When we’re talking about great projects with this client, there is no room for baby steps. By launching a new website, BIPO KLUB soon got a new, more imaginative, and playful look, and we proudly signed a more creative design and more relevant content.



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