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When you have someone of your own

Or how to promote Croatian products in the offer of an international retailer.


Kaufland Hrvatska


360 campaign





Kaufland decided to expand its well-known campaign Naše mi najbolje paše to the K-Classic and K-Favourites products and the main campaign goal is to communicate these brands and to offer buyers Croatian products that guarantee Croatian goods. All that at accessible prices. The main challenge was to present Kaufland as an expert on local habits, Croatian regions, and their community.


Croatians like to eat quality food. When they choose goods, they know what they prefer – those produced by their neighbors, friends, acquaintances, acquaintances of their acquaintance, aunts of their colleagues, their fourth cousins… Long story short – most Croatians will at least once, at least for one product, proudly point out that they “have someone of their own”.

Kaufland will also proudly point that out with this campaign because it has its own network of local producers that guarantee great tastes, traditional recipes, and Croatian goods. And for creative TV ad, smart content for digital channels, and other materials – they have us.

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